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40: Dating the Vita, New Leafs New Record & You’ve lost the Plot!

Welcome to Episode 40 of Heroes of Handheld! The internet’s number one (possibly) Podcast dedicated to all things handheld.

Here’s the run down of what’s on the show this week:

  • Oculus Rift has been bought by Facebook. Notch from Minecraft has come in with an interesting response.
  • Nintendo have made a 3DS XL so rare there’s only one! And it looks cracking The 3DS So Rare Nintendo Only Made One Of Them
  • There’s a brand new Vita update, including: calendars, app counts, and memory card control!
  • Bad Nic Cage impressions
  • Animal Crossing sales figures are out and they are HUGE
  • The Walking Dead series 2 is coming to Vita very soon!
  • God of War collection on Vita has a release date and price according to Amazon
  • Unity possibly coming to 3DS
  • Guerilla Cambridge, and a few other big Sony studios, are having lay-offs

Colin also briefly reviews New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS – with a fuller review being found in Episode 29 by Chris a wee while ago

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below:   For extra goodies you can also check us out on Youtube and Twitter. 


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