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IndieCast 10: Glorified and Horrified

Well hello there and welcome to episode 10 on IndieCast, the only podcast that holds your hand and guides you through all the latest in indie gaming on the PlayStation Vita!

Last week saw Sony make their big announcement at GDC 2014 in San Francisco… they are working on Virtual Reality! yay? Colin gives his opinion on what this means for the future of video games…

Cool shades bro [Source: TechRadar]
Cool shades bro [Source: TechRadar]

Colin awoke his Vita to find two new shiny indie games on the PS Store, and they both look pretty darn cool. The first was mentioned in episode 9 of IndieCast, and is called SteamWorld Dig. You can find out more on this little steampunky game in the last episode of the podcast.

Also available on the store is the Luftrausers, a strange looking flying shoot ’em up game. What makes this game extremely appealing is the fact it is from the same people who brought you Super Crate Box, which is one of my all time favourite indie Vita games. The company is Vlambeer, and if their previous work is anything to go by, this should be an awesome addition to the indie family. Check out the trailer below.

Both these games are £7.29 ($9.99/€8.99) on the Vita store, and you can also bag a discount if you are a PS Plus member.

But as well as that nonsense, there was a shed load of indie announcements!

The first was for Race The Sun, a futuristic looking racer. As you probably guessed, you have to race the sun… but the reason is: your jet is solar powered. I discussed this game in length on the episode 39 of Heroes of Handheld. It will hit the store in the next few months and is developed by FliffFly, and you can find a cool looking gameplay video below:

Next is the horror game Home, which is developed by Benjamin Rivers. Originally released for PC in August 2012, this creepy looking game has a pixelly look, and creepy pipes… you can expect this creepfest later this year!

Its dark and pixelly in here! [Source:
Its dark and pixelly in here! [Source:]

Up next we have Aztez. A strategic brawler, it has been described as “a real-time beat ’em up mixed with management strategy”. It is also quoted as having “the feel and creativity of Bayonetta, the sensationalism and mobility of Capcom’s Alien Vs Predator, and the precision difficulty of classic Devil May Cry”. So that all sounds fun. Its from Team Colorblind, and unfortunately no release date has been set.

Lastly we have Hyper Light Drifter. A cool looking RPG, which seems to have a similar artistic style to Fez. Funded through kickstarter, it surpassed its $27,000 goal by a whopping $625,000. As I have been recently playing Pokémon X on my 2DS, I now have a new found love for RPGs. This looks pretty awesome and I am looking forward to getting my greedy hands on it. Its being developed by Heart Machine and will be released within the new few months.

Very cosy [Source: Kotaku]
Very cosy [Source: Kotaku]

I also briefly discuss the strange looking horror game Kodoku which will be released on Vita in 2015. Check out the crazy screenshots from the game.

He just wants a cuddle [Source: Digital Spy]
He just wants a cuddle [Source: Digital Spy]
Business is Buisness [Source: PixelEnemy]
Business is Buisness [Source: PixelEnemy]

I would love to hear your opinions on VR in video gaming. Are you excited for the future of gaming? Does VR excite you? Or will it be a fad that fades away like 3D Tvs?

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