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Smashcast 10: New stages galore, the bomb is on, and a baby on a dinosaur?

Hello and welcome to Smashcast Episode 10!

In this episode Chris catches you up with all the recent Smashbros 4 News, including:

  • 2 New Levels: Tortimer’s Island (which randomises itself) and Lumiose City (which is hopefully easier to navigate than the main game version!)
  • Some fan-favourite items make a return – the formidable proximity bomb and the ever-hilarious bumper!
  • Captain Rainbow gets a big fat reference in the form of a not-so-little Mac
  • The witches from Ocarina of Time make a fab looking debut – and they’re on the 3DS version!
  • Finally, New Yoshi’s Island launches tomorrow: the safe bet is that Yoshi will get announced, but will there be an unexpected rider on his back?


New levels:

Tortimer Island, which changes every time

Lumiose City which might vaguely remember a real life French city 

Chubby but adorable Little Mac!

Super Smash Bros.


You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below:   For extra goodies you can also check us out on Youtube and Twitter.  Remember to get in touch with us at Heroes Of Handheld with all your thoughts and reactions, or use the comments box below!


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