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IndieCast 09: Pavilions & Polygons

Its episode 9 of the worlds only podcast dedicated to everything Indie on the PS Vita, and this week saw the announcement of a hand full of new indie titles, which are all making their way to everyones favourite [Sony] handheld device.

The games are:

  • Pavilion – A pretty looking “4th Person” adventure puzzle game from VisionTrick Media and Sony Japan. The twist is, you don’t control the character, the character controls you!….
Pavilion looks darn pretty. [Source:]
Pavilion looks darn pretty.
  • Forma.8 – An awesome looking Sci-fi adventure game, which is describe as being “Epic”. Colin also learnt a new word through this game… “MetroidVania”… as that’s exactly what this game is! From indie developer MixedBag, you can expect this beautiful game later this year.
A forma.8 sunset [Source: IGN]
A forma.8 sunset [Source: IGN]
  • The Swapper – It wouldn’t be a normal IndieCast without a universally praised PC indie game making its way to Vita. Originally released and created for PC by Finnish developer FacePalm Games in May last year, Curve Studios are now assisting with the port to Vita, PS4  and PS3. Described as an atmospheric and innovative puzzle game, you can expect this creepy looking game this May.

In space no one can hear you play Handheld [Source:]
In space no one can hear you play Handheld [Source:]
There is also an awesome sale happening on the North American PS Vita Store, with a selection of indie titles on sale for the next month, including the critically acclaimed puzzler Fez.

Theres also a brief review for GunSlugs from OrangePixel, and you can hear a full review in episode 36 of Heroes of Handheld.

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