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36: Happy Handheld Day! Deals that kill & Pokemon for Free?!

It’s a BIRTHDAY BONANZA this week!

We’re celebrating 3 years of 3DS as well as 2 years of PS Vita with a jam-packed show.

This week’s news includes:

  • Amazon’s new streaming service which could be taking over your living room, as well as another streaming service for Vita called Crackle
  • A ton of Persona news: dancing games, clocks, and Western releases ahoy! See below for the Persona Q 3DS Trailer
  • Pokemon X and Y for free in the states under certain circumstances, as well as a new competition for you budding battlers!
  • Indie smash Paper’s Please might be coming to Vita, if the creator relinquishes control…
  • PS Vita has a new ‘Deal of the Week’ feature, kicking off with a Fifa 14 ‘Bargain’
  • Bioshock Vita: no news is bad news

Two Reviews this week:


Attack Of The Friday Monsters – 3DS
1 Sentence Review: Simple but powerfully touching game that deals with the imagination and innocence of children, but the story unfortunately gets wanky 2/3rds of the way through.


Gunslugs – PS Vita
1 Sentence Review:  A fun, addictive and bizarre 2D side scrolling action game, that has a chicken as a weapon… Seriously , buy this game.

In Topic of the week we discuss the different models of Vita and 3DS, as well as their various pros and cons. For next week we want to know the lifespan of the handheld consoles – guesses please to the usual address.

We also introduce Marina, out new #1 fan Image (she supports my dialogue)

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below:  For extra goodies you can also check us out on Youtube and Twitter.  


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