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35: Pokemon Twitch Itch, Free Vita DLC & Zero Funding for Zero Escape 3

What a week for Handhelds! On this week’s episode, we talk free DLC for the Vita’s hottest FPS, a free FPS for 3DS which is the opposite of hot (because it’s underwater chortle chortle chortle), and much much more, including:

  • How almost a hundred thousand gamers are trying to play through Pokemon Red – at once. You can watch the manic hilarity here.
  • Much discussion on last week’s Nintendo Direct: Weapon Shop De Omasse from the Guild01 collection, a new model for DLC on 3DS with Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, and a new fighter announced for Super Smash Bros (more discussion in next week’s Smashcast)
  • Flappy Bird has been recreated on Vita thanks to incredibly creative LBP Vita types – video below. Looks pretty rad!
  • There’s a new 3DSXL model coming out – the Yoshi edition! It looks very…green (and doesn’t come with the game..?)
    3DSThis special edition 3DS XL is for Yoshi fanatics photo
  • Finally, Zero Escape 3 (for both 3DS and Vita) is proving hard to fund and is on an indefinite hiatus – we reviewed the demo for 3DS absolutely ages ago and it’s a shame the money isn’t there for a sequel. Hopefully one day!
  • Reviews: we speak about Steel Diver 3DS and Hotline Miami. Both are great for very different reasons. you can see a trailer for Steel Diver Sub Warsas well as the perks of buying it below. Colin’s also done a much more indepth review of Hotline Miami in this week’s Indiecast

  • Topic of the week: fresh on the announcement of a new Hitman game for mobile platforms (which looks a bit like Cluedo – see below)
    We spoke about our favourite Android and Ios games. For next week’s Topic of the week we’d love to know what model of handheld you have – and the perks of it. Whether you’re a Vita Slimmer or a 2DS-head we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy the episode!

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below: For extra goodies you can also check us out on Youtube and Twitter.



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