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IndieCast 08: The Indie Revolution

Well hello there! Welcome to episode 8 of the podcast dedicated to everything Indie on the PS Vita! We don’t care about your PS4, you can keep your Xbone. Here, its indie all the time, 24/7!

2014 is going to be a very exciting year for indie gaming enthusiasts. In the past, the PS Vita was always last priority when it came to the release of new and exciting indie IP. Games which had found a massive following on other platforms slowly but surely made their way to Sonys sexy handheld.  Limbo, Thomas is alone and Hotline Miami are all examples of games that already had a massive fanbase before entering the Vita. But this year there seems to be a host of games heading to the vita first. Exciting times… BUT, ironically, this week saw three more ports to the Vita.

So there were three big announcements of games being ported to the Vita this week. First up is:

Mousecraft. An awesome looking cat and mouse game! Similar to lemmings and Furmins, this will be hitting the PS Vita in May! Check out the gameplay video below.

Us lucky Vita owners will be able to play SteamWorld Dig this March. Very steampunky, and set in a 2D western world. Imagine Minecraft, Spelunky and Metroid all mixed together, and this will most likely be what you get!

And lastly we have Risk of Rain. A space based platformer, which has awesome combat! Here a gameplay video

Also Colin has finally picked up Hotline Miami on Vita. As part of Sonys February sale, it was reduced to just £2.38, which is a bargain. So Colin gives his first impressions of the game, heres a spoiler… violent. Very Violent!

You can listen by clicking below: or by finding us on iTunes by clicking here

You can find our Youtube page here!


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