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34: EA Loves the Hate, Vita Slim crosses the pond & Knuckles is buff

Hello and welcome to Episode 34 of Heroes of Handheld: the internet’s favourite podcast dedicated to all things 3DS, Vita, and mobile.

It’s a jam packed show this week…

  • We start off talking about the meteoric rise and crash of Flappy Bird – the hit Android / IOS game which featured birds, flapping, and many many frustrating high score chasing moments (Colin’s is a lousy 70 whilst Chris’ is a regal 84 ). All this Flappy Bird  talk comes with many a scam warning – have a read here.
  • We also discussed the BAFTA Video Game nominations: with a pretty lousy turn out for 3DS and only one Vita title getting any attention. Read the full list here.
  • Sonic Boom has been annouced for 3DS and WiiU. Featuring a redesigned Sonic (with long legs and odd scarves) . The 3DS version is being developed by Sanzaru Games (who made the fantastic Sly Cooper 4). Check out the trailer below
    The Sonic Boom redesigns are controversial, but this writer thinks they're pretty cool. (Image: SEGA)
  • The Vita is getting a lot of loving this week. As well as an announcement for the Slim version coming to North America ‘this spring’, there was also confirmation that it will be bundled with Borderlands 2, as well as 6 DLC packs. 
  • Also announced for Vita: God of War HD Collection! Featuring Kratos’ first two adventures, the game will ship for $30 in the States, and comes out May 6. No news on an EU release but surely it’s in the pipeline?
  • Shovel Knight, for 3DS, has a ridiculously cool StreetPass feature. It’s a bit hard to explain but sounds super cool. Also in news for 3DS: 5 MiiVerse communities for classic Legend of Zelda games! Hooray – it’s good to see MiiVerse being supported. Embedded image permalink
  • Colin also came in loaded with some stats on Vita digital vs retail sales, and a hype list of 2014 games to be excited for.
  • Speaking of games to be excited for: there’s a new 3DS trailer for Moon Chronicles. The newest title from Renegade Kid, Chris is ultra excited for this! 
  • We briefly reviewed demos for Nintendogs + Cats (3DS) and Terraria (Vita).
  • Finally: this week’s topic of the week was a discussion on a potential new price plan from Nintendo. We’re looking for your thoughts for next week’s topic: what’s your favourite game for Android / IOS? And what’s the pricing structure on it? (F2P, DLC, etc). Thoughts to the usual place please.

That’s all folks! For article extras:

Here’s the Jackie Chan chant Chris was poorly imitating at the end of the episode:

And an interesting comparison between Toukiden PSP and PS Vita versions – have a look here.

You can watch this week’s episode all on YouTube if it suits!

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Thanks for listening,

Chris and Colin xox


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