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Smashcast episode 8: Grab-trumping a Pokemon

Hello and welcome to Smashcast episode 8!

Smashcast is the Internet’s favourite Super Smash Bros 3DS podcast: taking you through the fortnight’s news and announcements for the upcoming Nintendo brawler.

This episode Chris has lots to talk about:

  • We start off with a character reveal – Lucario, from the Pokemon series, joins the fray. With his unique Aura abilities he is sure to be a powerful and unpredictable opponent.
  • There were also some more moves announced for Rosalina – including storing the cosmos under her skirt!
  • There’s been an announcement of a Kid Icarus Level for both 3DS and WiiU
  • As well as a cool new Metroid based assist trophy – Mother Brain!
  • Finally Chris pitches his character for this week, also from the Metroid series – though we would love to hear yours.

Here’s the best example I could find of the strange new Smash Bros meme that is sweeping the nation (or indeed /r/smashbros )

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below: For extra goodies you can also check us out on Youtube and Twitter.

You can watch this week’s Podcast, now with hilarious out of sync voice / video capture:

And the little extra tidbit I promised you article readers: check out this, frankly, amazing handheld Smash Bros fanime trailer. It’s genuinely incredible:


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