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33: We’re in the Multi-Verse!


Welcome to Heroes of Handheld episode 33. It’s a bit of an odd one this week: Chris couldn’t make it to the HQ in time so Colin is in control – though there is a selection of 3DS news nuggets pre recorded by the 3DS fan.

There was a whole heap of Vita news this week. The big news, of course, was the annoucement of the PS Vita Slim finally arriving in the UK. Colin wasn’t best pleased about this news for many reasons. You can witness first hand his slow decline in happiness over the annoucement by comparing his pre annoucment article, to his post annoucment article. Its quite startling how much someone can disolve into dissapointment in such a short space of time! You can also find more info on what the PS Vita Slim brings to the handheld gaming table by clicking here.

In this episode of Heroes of Handheld Colin discusses lovabale Sony, who once again continued their giving ways this week by revealing some awesome reductions to games across all their consoles, which of course means some pretty amazing Vita deals!

Vita drops the bomb, but not the Vita memory card price this week, and there is exciting news for the upcoming Monster Hunter G for Sonys handheld, as well as the quite awesome looking Ethan: Meteor Hunter .

Ethan: Meteor Hunter is already availble on PC and PS3
Ethan: Meteor Hunter is already availble on PC and PS3

And in the world of 3DS:Pokemon Bank is finally out in Europe. The service is available for free up until March 14th and let’s you store a selection of Pokemon from past games to a cloud storage system. It’s going down a treat in Europe / Australia but remains unreleased in America. Expect a more in depth review next week.

Here’s how Pokemon Bank works!

Nintendo have been talking finance this week: highlights include promising to bring more titles over from Japan to the west (see below), admitting to be looking into acquiring and merging with companies and franchises, and promising that the next generation of Home / Portable consoles will be more in sync with eachother, UI wise.

In Virtual Console news: not only are Nintendo working on adding GBA virtual console titles to the 3DS library (hooray!) but there are also plans to bring DS games to the WiiU – this runs along with a story we reported on ages ago where DS titles were starting (very slowly) to come to the eshop. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come!

Finally in Nintendo News, both Denpa Men 3 and Tomodachi Collection 3 have been confirmed to be coming out in the West. Denpa Men is an Augmented Reality RPG whilst Tomodachi Collection is a life sim more in the style of Animal Crossing or The Sims. More news when we get it.

Tomodachi Collection 3 looks pretty bizarre

Here’s a link to Chris’ top 5 games to look out for in the next six-ish months. Give it a read – I’d love to know what you think!

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