Blog: 5 Reasons to be excited for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

I cannot wait for ‘Early 2015’. I know that as we come ever closer to the purposefully vague release date, my skin will slowly become more clammy, my hair more greasy, as I prepare for long nights playing Monster Hunter until my thumbs are nothing but nubs.

Some may not see the game’s release as that big of a deal: but it really is. Without even knowing what the game will play like, or what will be different from the already released in Japan Monster Hunter 4, just the fact it’s releasing over here is big news. News so huge infact that we can break it down into 5 titbits of information; 5 little reasons to get excited which I present to you now.

  • 2015 = the next 2013?
    2013 has been a fantastic year for gaming on the 3DS. Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Legend Of Zelda, Donkey Kong – the list genuinely goes on. With this in mind – how can any other year live up to it? With those sorts of games only tending to come round once per console cycle, how can any other year top it? With all the bad news about Nintendo, they’re facing a really tough looking 2014 – and there’s not many games on the horizon ((apart from Smash Bros which has it’s own podcast right here on Heroes Of Handheld ). Cynics might suggest that 3DS is on the way down, games wise, with 2013 being the peak of titles – but with strong titles such as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate coming out in 2015, it’s good to know that Nintendo hasn’t played all it’s game cards just yet. 2014 is looking like a bit of a rest year for Nintendo, with more focus put on the WiiU – hopefully 2015 will swing back round to being a big year for our beloved handheld.

  • Play with your friends – in different rooms!
    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is confirmed to have full local and online multiplayer. This is ridiculously great news. We haven’t really had much great online play on 3DS – Kid Icarus’ is meant to be quite good (I’ll confess to having not touched it) – Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is good quick fun  (but noone really plays it anymore!). Monster Hunter 4U shows that Nintendo are in fact dedicated to supporting games that can be played fully online. Obviously Monster Hunter has a really strong same-room following (I wrote about one such example here ) – but it’s good to see Nintendo / Capcom plan to have the infastructure available to support such a full 3DS online game.

  • Western Markets – it’s nice to be appreciated.
    Arguably the biggest point – Nintendo and Capcom fans in the West often feel a bit jipped.  It’s easy to feel like we miss out on many great games and experiences which stay exclusive to the Japanese market. Hopefully this is a big sign that both Nintendo and Capcom appreciate how big a following the franchise has over here – and how much time and passion Western Nintendo gamers have for their beloved two screened consoles. Hopefully this announcement will mean we start to get more Japan-exclusive games ported over. And the fantastic fan reaction is a sure fire sign that the hype for AAA Nintendo 3DS titles is huge in Europe and America.
  • Long live the 3DS – Nintendo’s eyes on the prize
    Some might be worried that Nintendo will have moved on the console cycle by 2015. The 3DS  came out in 2011 , and a couple years in, 3DS owners might be thinking about jumping ship in order to start saving for the next big Nintendo Handheld. Surely the fact that a title as big as Monster Hunter 4 U is coming to the 3DS in 2015 is a sign that Nintendo have got plans for it’s little handheld friend for years to come. With all these recent calls of Nintendo going into the Android / Ios market, it’s reassuring to know that 3DS owners still have things to look forward to, and that the beloved big N still have plans for the future for the console.

  • It’s based on one of the best selling Japanese titles of last year
    Surely the  best reason to be excited for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is that the game it’s based on, MH4, had such a brilliant reception when it was released last year. It recieved a near perfect 38/40 from Famitsu, and was the second best selling game of last year (source: Neogaf ) In fact, it was second only to Pokemon – which is a pretty good place to be!  Despite all the wider implication of MH4U’s release, I’m just excited to get re-wrapped up into a whole new Monster Hunter experience – even if it is a year away!

Are you excited about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? What do you see happening to Nintendo titles over the next year? Get in touch here or using the comments box below. We spoke at length about MH4U in this week’s podcast, which you can listen to here.

Where it all came from: watch Ryozo Tsujimoto, Monster Hunter Series Producer, announce Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Western Release:


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