What to Expect from Thursdays PlayStation Slimmest Announcement

This Thursday sees PlayStation once again hit the stage to announce something big (or, rather, quite small). Earlier this week, invites were sent out to select journalists, informing them that they were invited to an “exclusive breakfast briefing with Playstation”. Being the loveable scamps that they are, the gaming juggernaut couldn’t help but wet our appetite with a cheeky little hint of what to expect.

Below the initial invite is the statement:

Sony Annoucment

“Following the biggest launch in Playstation history, join us for the introduction to the slimmest”

The best part of this news, is that it will be occurring right here in the UK. Needless to say anything that is revealed here will more than likely be made available simultaneously with our friends across the pond. So what does this invitation mean? Lets go through and eliminate possible suggestions:


Could this invite be teasing us to a PS4 Slim? Unlikely, after all, the PS4 is already pretty slim, to make it even slimmer at this early stage in its life cycle would be very strange indeed. With the PS4 finally making its debut within its homeland of Japan next month, it would be very unlikely that Sony would unveil a new model so quickly.

So what else could it mean? Perhaps another model of the


Maybe more likely that the PS4 suggestion, but would Sony really need a big press conference to unveil this? With the PS4 only a few months old, it does stand to reason that a cheaper model of the PS3 would be plausible. However, with there already being PS3 Slim and PS3 Super Slim models on the market, why would Sony waste their time into making an almost flat console? Any slimmer and turning your PS3 sideways might just make it invisible.

So with those suggestions discounted, what about the mysterious wonders of the

PS Vita TV?



Playstations quaint little micro-console was the buzz of the Internet back in September when it was announced at a Sony Computer Entertainment Japan presentation, and has since been released in Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. A fascinating creation, which gives gamers the ability to enjoy PS4 remote play, and vita goodness, without actually holding a real vita. Plug it into your TV’s HDMI port and your away. With it’s ability to stream movies and TV shows as well, it certainly is a technical marvel. There has yet to be a PS Vita TV release date for the west, and with sales in Asia being incredible low, perhaps this is the time for Sony to unleash it in Europe and North America? Unfortunately this would also seem unlikely, as Japan was specifically chosen, due to the fact that streaming is relatively unknown over there. I have no doubt that we will see it here one day, but only once it has established itself within Asia.

So that leaves only one real answer, it must be the

PS Vita Slim/2000

PS-Vita-PCH-2000-White-700x393[Source: Sony]

The inclusion of the work “slimmest” has led everyone in the loop to believe that finally, Europe and North America will get their hands on the PS Vita Slim, also known as the PS Vita PCH-2000. The remodelled Vita has been available in Japan and parts of Asia since November, and it was only a matter of time before Sony decided to bring the console to the west. And from a business point of view it makes sense. The PS Vita Slim is cheaper to manufacture and is also cheaper to purchase than its big brother. With PS Vita sales always being a touchy subject for Sony, this could indeed breathe new life into handheld gaming. It would also make the possibility of more PS4/Vita bundles more likely, due to lower costs. I won’t lie, if it is indeed announced, I would be very interested. As you all know I am a massive Vita fan, being a proud owner of the handheld for almost two years. And don’t get me wrong, I still love it… But there is just something to this new design that takes my fancy. The increased battery life is a big pull for me, and if the choice of colours comes to us as well, it would be hard to say no to a yellow Vita!

The positives of The PS Vita Slim are:

  • The fact it is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than its bigger brother.
  • It has 1GB inbuilt memory.
  • The back grips are wider, with a smaller back touch pad.
  • Additional hour of battery life. Now 4-6 Hours on full charge with constant video game playing.
  • It comes in 6 very pretty colours.

Vita slim colors


One major negative, however, is the change in screen. The PS Vita has a lovely screen. Absolutely beautiful. So it came as no surprise to hear that to cut manufacture costs, the screen quality had to be altered. The current vita model uses OLED, whereas the Vita slim has LCD. I’m no tech expert, but I can sum up what that means: The Vita Slim won’t look as pretty. Footage has emerged from Japan of the Vita Slims picture quality, and to tell you the truth I personally couldn’t see much difference. It still looks damn good.

Check out the video below by Youtuber Mystic, who compares the OLED to the LCD on both Vitas. Which do you prefer?

So this seems the most likely outcome of the “breakfast briefing” this coming Thursday. For me, I am interested in seeing how much they the PS Vita Slime will retail for in the UK. With the Nintendo 2DS being sold through Amazon for £89.99, and the current PS Vita (Wi-Fi Only) reaching £160 on Amazon, I would hope this Vita Slim will retail for around £99.99, but knowing Sony and their previous errors in judgement with pricing, it will most likely be around £120 (which is roughly how much it costs in Japan).

Of course this is all speculation so who knows, maybe the word “slimmest” is simply referring to a new fitness based gaming series that uses the PlayStation move!… (Shudder)

But if we are correct, it is exciting times for Handheld gaming! How would you welcome this new addition to the handheld family? Does it interest you? Or will you be sticking with your current Vita? Let me know by sending us a message here, or sending an e-mail to Or why not Tweet us @HandheldPodcast


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