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29: Playstation now is NOW & Nintendo sued for 3D usage?!

Happy New Year! (Can you still say that a week later?)
It’s episode 29: our first main podcast back after the Christmas break!
Nintendo are in trouble with patents, Vita sold by the buckets in December,and Pokebank is late. Meanwhile, PlayStation are looking into streaming, and there’s a possible way around region locking on your 3DS!

Also, we’ve got a re-review of The Walking Dead (you can hear the  first impressions review here), as well as a New Super Mario Bros 2 review. Children were waking up with more than they bargained for on Christmas Day, and there’s a special reveal from Chris at the end!

Links we promised to embed: you can sign up for the Playstation Now beta here. Also, if you’re so inclined you can get round the 3DS Region Locking here which we don’t endorse in case it bricks your console ( I’m too scared to try it! – Chris)

You can find us on Twitter and You can listen through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below: 
Extra news! Here’s some stuff from the past three weeks we didn’t have time to put in the show.

3DS Sales hit 2M in UK  – article from mcvuk

Potential Borderlands 2 for PS Vita launch date – March 18th 2014. Article from PlaystationLifeStyle

Gravity Rush 2 Production in Full Effect – article from N3rdabl3

Nintendo not lifting StreetPass limits – article from engadget explaining StreetPass limits

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson announced for 3DS – article from nintendolife


2 thoughts on “29: Playstation now is NOW & Nintendo sued for 3D usage?!

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