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28: The Heroes of Handheld Christmas Spectacular!

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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me: an extra fun-filled festive podcast featuring all the latest 3DS and Vita News! (Not sure what they gave on the other 11 days though).

This week: MiiVerse is out for 3DS! We discuss and review the latest update, as well as extrapolating the future based on what’s present in this update. Vita’s had a hard few months in the old US of A, with Tearaway especially not living up to expectations. There’s a potential date for Mario Golf 3DS, and Zavvi has made a bit of a festive blunder.

After month’s of delaying, Colin’s been playing The Walking Dead for Vita, and the result is positive (surprise surprise).

Finally, the two handheld wonder-friends talk about what they want for handheld gaming in the New Year, and how they can see 2014 going for both 3DS and Vita.

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Extra content ahoy!

Chris recently visited a Monster Hunter Community UK evening: check out his blog post on it here.

Siliconera have published Amazon Japan’s best selling games of 2013: makes for an interesting read, and you can do so by clicking here.

Aaand: MiiVerse is a lonely place if you’re the only person with a game… (From GhostWizard_ on Twitter)

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