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27: Waiting for a 3DS Update, getting deflowered, and is 2013 the year of the Handheld?

This week on the podcast:

There’s a huge update for 3DS – but due to Colin’s rampacked schedule we don’t know how good it is! The update hopefully contains the MiiVerse as well as baby steps towards an account system, so it should be a good one. Expect updates on our Twitter feed once it’s out. Speaking of account systems, Sony is having all sorts of trouble, including a downed Playstation Store. Colin investigates.
There’s also news of two events: Nintendo’s National StreetPass Weekend in North America (see below for trailer), and a great looking Monster Hunter gathering for us in the UK.
Colin explores Sony’s blindingly good festiva sale – including Rayman Legends for Vita at a complete steal of a price (£11.99! though unfortunately only for a limited time which is now closed) as well as a ton of free Mobile games. Watch the PlayStation Blog & Twitter for more info!
Speaking of sales, Chris rounds up all the best 3DS bargains with Christmas on the way – worth taking into account if you want to get on board this time of year!

Colin reviews Rayman Legends for Vita as well as Flower  (also for Vita). One is significantly better than the other (you’ll have to listen to find out!)

We start to sum up 2013 – it’s been a great year for handhelds, and we spend time to talk about our high and low lights, as well as possible GOTY nominations. If you have any suggestions please get in touch – we’d love to know what you’ve found for the year in Handheld Gaming.

You can find us on Twitter and You can listen through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below: 

Further details of Nintendo of America’s National StreetPass weekend, in handy trailer form!:


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