IndieCast 04: Save our Furmins!

This week Colin managed to drag himself away from Killzone: Mercenary to play an Indie game! Its been an exciting week for the PS Vita with the PS4 was finally being released in North America, and the fantastic Tearaway being unleashed to the world. But who cares, as this is the show dedicated to everything Indie Games on the PS Vita!

This week Colin plays the charming game Furmins, originally released by Finnish developer Housemarque for iOS, but developed by BeatShapers LTD for Vita. Furmins is all about using your brain, patience and cunning (Skills Colin Lacks!) to save the Furmins from rolling around in an endless loop!

Click below for a better idea of what to expect of Furmins on your vita.

You can listen by clicking below: or by finding us on iTunes by clicking here


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