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24: Stuck between a Nintendo Direct and the PS4 Launch

It’s set to be a huge week for Handheld Gaming. Episode 24 is wedged between two huge days for Nintendo and Sony, and we feature news of the recent Nintendo Direct, as well as discussion about the impeding PS4 launch and how it will affect our dear PlayStation Vita. Within the Nintendo Direct there was news of the beginnings of a joint account system, as well as a ton of new game announcements and a YouTube app (finally!). There’s also news of a brilliant new PlayStation initiative from Amazon USA, running along side the not so great recent revelations regarding Vita TV.

You can listen through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below: 

As Nintendo just came out with their most recent Nintendo Direct, so we decided to talk about some of the news, and you can watch the whole thing here:

The most important news of the week was Colin working out how to do screenshots. See the before and afters of his revelation here:

Colin’s filthy pre-screenshot knowledge photo
After the enlightenment. Note the amount of angels singing and heavens opening to the once mere mortal.

Vita owners have been encountering a tiny bit of a bug on the Vita 3.0 update: luckily the good folks at IGN have solved it! Give it a read hereif you are encountering sign in problems.

For easy-clicky reference, we spoke about MiiVerse and Vita TV in the same episode so recap it here: 16: PS Vita TV aims to change gaming & Miiverse on your 3DS

That’s it from us this week, look forward to reviews of Bravery Default demo for 3DS as well as (hopefully!) Donkey Kong Country Returns.

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