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23: “Greatness is Portable”

It was a busy week in the world of handheld over the past 7 days, with both Nintendo and Sony releases updates for their respective handhelds! On this weeks episode, IronFall is looking awesome, and is potentially the sexiest game ever released for Nintendo 3DS. Take a look for yourself!

Also in the world of Nintendo, Swapnote/letter box has been cancelled due to concerns over child safety. Alot of people are not happy, including our very own Mr Chris Pearson. There are also some impressive numbers on Nintendo sales figures, with a LOT of Pokemon being exchanged!

In the world of Vita, Update 3.O was released, revealing a host of updates and additions to the Vitas library of awesomeness. But the most exciting aspect… PS4 Link has now appeared as its own app on the Vita Home Screen! Exciting times indeed! Watch the Video below for more info on what the new app will do!

There are also more hints at a new Vita exclusive Assassins Creed game, with Ubisoft dropping a major Easter Egg in Black flag. Also, PS Vita TV has advert in Japan which you can watch below:

You can listen through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below: 


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