IndieCast 01: Today we Sparkle

Welcome to a brand new podcast from the guys at Heroes of Handheld! The PS Vita is a fantastic device, cutting edge in the field of handheld gaming. It is also the perfect place for indie developers to showcase their creative and awesome games. Every two weeks Colin Byrne will be amercing himself into the world of indie games on the Playstation network, uncovering hidden gems and discussing the latest releases for the PS Vita!

For episode one Colin reviews Sparkle form 10Tons, and puzzle game with a unique twist! For a quick idea of what Sparkle is like, you can watch the video below, which shows the Vita gameplay, unfortunately with not too good video quality!

For more information on 10Tons and their awesome work click here!

There is also a review of the utterly bizarre puzzle game Doddle God, from the clever heads at 8 Floor Games. For a video of the gameplay watch the video below!

Don’t forget to give their website a view to see what other games they are cooking up by clicking here

You can listen to episode 1 by Clicking Below!


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