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20: The PS4 and Vita bundle coming soon? OBJECTION & Pokemon X and Y leaked

Its episode 20 of the worlds only podcast dedicated to everything PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. In this weeks edition of the podcast, the PS4 bundles are revealed in the UK and there is still hope for a Vita bundle pack! Also it seems Sony doesn’t understand how a bundle price works. New games are also coming to the Vita, and also a new app for your Vita/PS4 remote playing pleasure!

In the world of 3DS, Nintendo comes down like a sack of bricks on a shop selling early releases of the hotly anticipated Pokemon X and Y, Theres a new character coming to Smash bros and Mighty No.9 funded on Kickstarter and will be coming to Vita and 3DS!

There are also reviews of Atomic Ninjas on PS Vita and a brief look at Phoenix Wright Dual destinies on 3DS, expect a lot of OBJECTIONS!

You can listen through iTunes , Stitcher, or by clicking below: 


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