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My Week in Vita – 6

So as many of you podcast listeners will know, I am currently playing through the Mass Effect trilogy on my Xbox 360. I was pretty late to the fray with these incredible games, so now I am pretty much investing every free minute I have into these incredible games (which is an unhealthy amount of time for a recent university graduate with no full-time job like me!) unfortunately this means that I haven’t had much time with my Vita recently!

But that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about my beautiful vita! I recently played the demos for Sparkle and KickBeat and reviewed them on Episode 17 of the Heroes of Handheld podcast. Both good games, in their own right and both very different in their style!

I have a huge list of games I am planning to play in the next few weeks (once I get more cash!) Rayman: Legends , Killzone: Mercenary and The Walking Dead are all on my list, as well as a bloody memory card!

I have been revisiting an oldish vita title recently though, the very fun Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. A fighting game similar to smash bros on Nintendo, it is a lot of fun with a good focus on online play! The beauty of this game is the fact that even if you are rubbish at fighting games (Like me) you will always have a chance to win, as it all comes down to how many kills you get. The only way you can get a kill is by using the power attacks, which you gain by getting successful normal attacks on your opponent. It also uses cross play really well, and in the past I have played many games against my fellow podcast presenter Chris Pearson on his PS3! Always a good game to play in short bursts!

But in Episode 18 of Heroes of Handheld, I mentioned a new indie game that had sparked my interest. Titled Lone Survivor, it is a horror survival game, and is priced at £9.99 on the PS Store here in the UK. I know very little about this game in terms of story and gameplay, but it is definitely an indie game I will be checking out in the next week! I have heard that their is a lot of decision making in the game as well, and as someone who is addicted to Mass Effect, that is always going to be a winner with me!

So I will be giving you an in depth review on the podcast in the next few weeks, and once I have a new memory card my vita playing abilities will once again be endless!

But until next week, enjoy your handheld device!



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