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My Week in 3DS: 6

It’s been a funny old week for my 3DSing.

I loved Fire Emblem. I mean, I really loved it. But now I’ve finished it I need to take a breather and play something completely different. That, alongside the fact most of my 3DS games are platformer types, meant I was looking for something different for my pick up and play experience.

So, after much dithering, I decided to download two titles! The first is Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. I picked this up as I’m a big fan of Mercenaries in RE4 and 5 (especially in 5), and this looked like a really fun title to play. So far I’m pretty impressed: there’s a few characters to pick from and loads of skills to upgrade, and quite a few maps which all makes for nice fan service. I would say that it’s a little unbalanced: for example, Jack Krauser is really overpowered, but it’s nice to play as someone meaty, and to be fair he feels completely different to someone like Jill who is more lithe and agile. The framerate is a bit dodgey but that can be forgiven, as it’s very addictive and keeps you coming back for more.

I’ve also been playing Dragon Crystal. Originally a title for the Game Gear, it’s been rereleased on the Virtual Console. I haven’t given this as much time as it probably deserves, but so far it’s quite fun. Basically it’s a very hardcore roguelike, with maps, enemies and items all randomly spawning. This means that there’s a high level of risk reward: in a pinch, you can use a powerful staff or book, but it might be that tit in fact harms you and not the enemies! One thing I would say is that it’s probably enjoyed best with a pen and paper to the side, as it’s good to write down what the different colours do and make your own versions of the map.

That’s what I’ve been digging on 3DS this week. Apparently there might be a demo for Scribblenauts this week, and I hope that’s true because as a DC nut I’d like to give it a try.


2 thoughts on “My Week in 3DS: 6

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