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My Week in 3DS: 5

What a week it’s been for 3DS!

Not only has Monster Hunter 4 come out in Japan, to rave reviews, but there’s also been tons of news regarding Pokemon X and Y: including a new trailer!

This got me all excited for Pokemon, and made me want to revisit my first purchase on my 3DS: Pokemon Heart Gold (though technically a DS game I bought it for my 3DS).

The thing about Heart Gold is that it’s really a game to endorse nostalgia. If I hadn’t played Gold to death as a young Pokemon’er I’d be finding it pretty dry: but because I did put several hundred hours in the game is really great. The highlight, for example, was when I first spawned my character. Stepping out of your Mom’s house into New Bark town, with the theme tune kicking off made me shiver all over. Great stuff!

The best thing about Heart Gold is that, because I have different ambitions in the game to how I did as a young’un, I can really get into the metagame. Where as before I was about discovering the world, and smashing the Elite 4, this time I’m concentrating on spawning eggs and getting the right natures. Great stuff!

As well as Pokemon, I’ve been playing Terraria for Android (not a 3DS game but you know, handheld and that). Launching yesterday on Android, the game runs really smoothly on phones, and though it does feel a bit different to playing with a keyboard and mouse, it still remains all of it’s charm. Plus, it’s only £3.20 which is ridiculously cheap. Great stuff, and I can’t wait for the devs to add more (multiplayer…?)

I’m still chugging along with Fire Emblem: I just reached Chapter 13, which introduced a whole new game mechanic. No spoilers, but the game has been turned upside down and it’s bloody great. It is ridiculous how great this game is, there’s so much to do and it’s all so pretty and graaaa IT’S SO GOOD! Check out my review on this week’s podcast for a more detailed review.

As with every week, keep on playing your handhelds and look forward to next week’s podcast, which will hopefully have a few less wasps in it.



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