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My Week in Vita – 5

So you may have noticed a lack of “My Week in Vita” last week. This was mainly due to the fact that I am trying to save up my limited cash supply to invest in a host of big name new releases on Vita! This includes Killzone: Mercenary, Rayman Legends and The Walking Dead! These are now all out on Vita, and I want to get my greedy hands on all of them!

The problem is though that to play these marvellous games, I need a lot of memory, and unfortunately I have already filled up my two 16 GB memory cards. Bad times! Luckily with Sonys recent announcement of cheaper Vita accessories, in the future it hopefully won’t cause too much of a dent in my pockets to purchase these darn cards!

So hopefully next week I will have had the chance to play some walking dead, which should be awesome on a handheld console! For more reviews, and discussions on Sonys announcement of PS Vita TV, check out our lastest podcast 16: PS Vita TV aims to change gaming & Miiverse coming to 3ds

But until next week, enjoy your Vita and 3DS!



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