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My week in 3DS: 4

After a quiet week last week, I’ve been hard at work these last seven days wearing my thumbs down into small nubs. My 3DS has already taken up so much of my time these last few days and I can’t wait to give it more.

To start off: Fire Emblem Awakening. This game is indescribably good. I was expecting it to be great, and was very hyped: and I’m glad that this game fulfils the expectations! There’s so much going on: whether it be battling, managing items, trying to get my units to marry each other, keeping some of the crappier ones alive (seriously, Sumia is such a pile of dung at the moment), or watching the gorgeous cut scenes (and I mean gorgeous), and I can’t wait to play more.  This is another game that really gains from having the 3D on, as the pre-rendered cut scenes look really great. In fact, as soon as one comes on, I have to pause the DS, turn on 3D to max, and get ready for the awesomeness. Graphics aside, the gameplay is really smooth, and though I’m too much of a wuss to turn on the hardcore characters die forever mode, I will give it a go on play through number two.

Aside from Fire Emblem, I have nearly finished Mutant Mudds – or so I thought!  In fact there are four more levels, SPOILERS, set in space of all places! It’s such a great game for bashing out five minutes into and such a great purchase for less than £10. Brilliant.

I’ve been dabbling with getting something new off the 3DS Store. For my recent birthday I recieved some vouchers and I’m not sure whether to spend on something cool now, or wait and eventually use them for Super Smash Bros 3DS (the next, and probably only other large game I want downloaded rather than on cart). In fact, I’ve been looking at Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3DS, so if anyone has played that game I’d love to hear your experiences!

That’s about it from me this week. I’ll  be able to give a much longer Fire Emblem review in next week’s podcast so look out for that.

Keep on 3DSing!



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