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My week in Vita – 3

Hello there,

After last weeks avalanche of games, this weeks blog is going to be somewhat of a let down! Of course, this edition should be the most exciting, as it was the week that the Killzone: Mercenary Beta began! And as one of the lucky few chosen to access the beta early (along with PS Plus members) I was very excited!… Until I realised the code I had been emailed didn’t work. You see, our American friends were allowed access to the beta on the 20th, and us in Europe had to wait for the 21st. So I waited eagerly, like a child at Christmas, with my beautiful Vita in hand, ready to enjoy some first person shooter robot goodness. Only for my dreams to be shattered. Bad times.

I am currently waiting for Sony to reply to my tear stained e-mail, asking why I had been sent a faulty code, and whether they could send me another one. It didn’t help matters that everyone else on the Internet seems to have access apart from me! I have done well so far to avoid any reviews for the beta, but what I have learnt is that there is currently only one map and game mode to try. If I am able to access the beta before the next episode of Heroes of Handheld, I will give my full review there. But for now, pray for EnterCole!

Apart from crying over spilt Killzone, I did download a couple other games for my handheld! I reviewed one on episode 13: Vita Beta, so I won’t dwell too much on it. Basically, it used the Vitas AR cards to make a box appear. Using the Vita camera, the AR card is turned into a box, and the aim of the game is to open the box. That’s basically it. It’s called (Surprise, Surprise) Open Me! Its a good hearted game, but for anyone over the age of 10, it really isn’t that interesting. Sure, the use of AR cards to add a sense of realism to gaming is fun, but with the Vitas poor camera, and the fact you have to be able to move 360 degrees around the card, it really isn’t more that a pleasant distraction. The trial is free on the PS Store, so if you still have your pack of AR cards, why not give it a go?

You can watch a cool Japanese trailer for Open Me! Here

I’ve also downloaded another trail, and I had been looking for this game for months. Mahjong is a popular game played throughout Eastern and Southern Eastern Asia. It originates in China, as you probably guessed by its name. There are many variations of it, each quite confusing, but the version I have played is very simple. Basically, there is a tower that is made up of tiles. Each of these tiles has a symbol on it. The aim of the game, is to find matching pairs of the same tile. Once you find a pair they disappear from the board. You finish the game once all the pairs have been found, and the board is tile free. But the catch is, you can only select tiles that are on the same level. So for instance, if there was a title on top that matches one on the lowest row, you would not be able to select it. If you choose pairs in the wrong order, you will become stuck, and will have to shuffle the board to be able to progress. It may sound quite boring, but its a fun little time killer which is very addictive. On the PS Store, it is called Mahjong Royal Towers, and it makes the game more interesting by adding a medieval theme. The trail is free so I would definitely recommend you checking it out!

More info on Mahjong Royal Towers here

Keep a look out for episode 14 of the podcast, as me and Chris will be discussing all the Handheld news that came out of Gamescom, as well as giving away a FREE copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 3DS! Until next week, enjoy your Vita and 3DS!



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