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13: Vita Beta

The Heroes are reunited! Chris returns, with plently of Nintendo 3DS news to boot! This week has been a busy one in the world of the Handheld, and with Gamescom just around the corner, its the perfect time for episode 13 of the Worlds only podcast dedicated to PS Vita & Nintendo 3DS! This week Colin discusses the Vita Ghost and Vita XL conspiracies, as well as the awesome new, ground-breaking, amazing, incredible Vita game announcement… Playstation Vita Dogs!… and they can talk…

Chris once again rubs it in Colin’s face that the 3DS is selling well… very well in fact. Also, 3DS can now send 3d videos and Adventure time is getting an awesome exclusive version on 3DS.
Plus, Chris is giving away a free copy of Animal Cross: New Leaf!

There are also reviews for Deathmatch Village and Box Me! on Vita, and Mutant Mudds for 3DS!

We also discuss Gamescom, and what is in store for the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita

You can listen through iTunes or by clicking below:


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