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04: Vader Crossing

It’s Episode 4 of the worlds only podcast souly dedicated to the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS! The world of handheld gaming has all of a sudden blown up this week… in terms of news! So Colin and Chris talk about it! Chris went to the MCM London Comic Con, and played some games of the animal crossing variety so you can guess what he’ll be talking about… Colin discusses the announcement of exclusive Vita content for Rayman Legends as well as the news that the PS Vita will now no longer be ignored by Sony, thanks to a little thing called Remote Play!

Colin and Chris also have games to review for Vita and 3DS and discuss the upcoming E3 event!

Our theme is “Insert Coin” by “Schnauzer Radio Orchestra” which is a one man project by Rob Geboers and is taken from the album “Music from a 1950”s Video Game” which can be found on iTunes!

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