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My Week in Vita 1…

So this is post number one in Heroes of Handhelds new segment! Each week me and Mr. Chris Pearson will be giving a quick summary of what we have been using our handheld device for in the past week! As you should know, I will be discussing my week with the PS Vita and Chris will describe his weekly shenanigans with the Nintendo 3DS.

So what have I been using my Vita for this week? As a typical ex-student, my money stash is currently critically low. So I have not been able to purchase any top of the range Vita games recently. Instead I have been revisiting a game I purchased a few months back. It it a PS One classic, which I was completely obsessed with in my youth. Everyone loved Spyro the Dragon, and he was my true companion through my ownership of the Playstation One (as well as Crash Bandicoot of course)

So I’ve been playing Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer (Called Ripto’s Rage in North America) and it is just as awesome as I remember. It is a perfect port from the old PS1. Nothing has been added or removed, and to tell you the truth, it even runs smoother on the Vita. What I am noticing, however, is how easy the game is. Maybe it’s because I completed multiple 100% play throughs of it in my youth, but I just found ever aspect of it easy. Which sort of makes me feel bad as I spent days and weeks perfecting it in the past!

Me and Chris spoke in detail about playing old generation games on our handheld devices in episode 10 of the podcast Mercenary Wolf and whether it is important for people when they buy a new consoles or handheld gaming device.

I have also realised how limited my PS1 playing days were. It seemed all I had was football games or Spyro/Crash games! Of course I had the odd gun game (Which came with that awesome plastic gun controller!) but until Sony figures out a way to incorporate that into the Vita, I won’t be playing them again!

Next week I hope to purchase the Vita bundle pack (More details about that here which although comes with a host of free games, is still an awesome deal with Little Big Planet and a memory card thrown in!

Until next week my Handheld chums,
Play Safe



He sure is one cute dragon!


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