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My week in 3DS 1

Me and Colin have known eachother for a long time.

And, when you’ve known Colin as long as I have, you gain a certain sense of prediction: you know the kind of things that they’re going to do, you know how they act and what the outcomes of their actions are. So, when Colin comes up to me with this brand new idea, “Oh Chris, we should start writing blog posts to go alongside the podcasts” I was quick to put him down. “No Colin, lets not, because you’ll eventually write something massively racist/sexist/ and the whole podcast will be forever ruined”.

So, up until Colin says something to offend a large portion of people (and he does have a track record of this ) I’m going to be writing down what I’ve been playing each week for you guys to read, and hopefully serve to recommend some cool titles as well as act alongside the podcast.

Pretty much everyday in the last seven, I have at some point played Animal Crossing. It is well known how addictive I find this game – you can hear my full review of it in Episode 6: Dragon Direct – but what simply amazes me is that I’m not bored yet. It’s such a great game for allowing you to make your own experience – for example, at the moment I am trying to pave all the pathways in my town, whilst my AC playing friends are busy trying to cross pollinate flowers. It astounds me that there is so much flexibility in the gameplay. That said, I found the Fireworks display on Sunday night really sucked – though it was good to see Crazy Redd out of his tent!

I’ve also been playing a lot of Mutant Mudds – I downloaded the demo, and once I’m on my home wifi will be purchasing the full game. Expect a review next week, however at the moment I’m really enjoying how the game uses a sense of depth – enhanced by the 3DS 3D effect – to show you where you are in the level. It’s also got a really kickass retro soundtrack, and I can’t wait to buy the full version!

I’ve also been trying to get my Japanese Art gaming fix (relatively niche, I know) – as mentioned in the podcast this week, I’m away from home and thus missing Okami terribly. So, I went on the hunt, and bought Ah! Heaven. It’s a cheap DSiWare game that I’m finding relatively disappointing to try and get through. I don’t know if I’ll continue to play it as it’s such a let down – there’s no real meat and potatoes to the game – but I would like to finish it.

Finally I’m still trying to finish GunMan Clive without taking any damage (as the lady). So far it’s going well but the third boss is proving hard as Vinnie Jones covered in cement.

That’s my week in 3DS! Hope you enjoyed reading. And Colin I’m sorry, I know you aren’t really all that racist (the sexism claim still stands though).

If you’ve been playing anything cool on your 3ds let me know – I’m always after good recommendations!




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