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01: The World of Vita and 3DS

Welcome to the brand new weekly podcast, covering everything PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS! Introducing your Heroes:

Colin Byrne is a frustrated Vita owner,
whereas Chris Pearson is a happy 3DS owner.
Both have very contrasting views on their portable gaming devices and love to rant about it!

For episode one, we give a bit of background about our gaming history, what we love about video games and what we love about our lovely little consoles!
We also discuss upcoming releases for the Vita, and an awesome deal for the 3DS!

Our theme is “Insert Coin” by “Schnauzer Radio Orchestra” and is taken from the album “Music from a 1950”s Video Game” which can be found on iTunes!

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Or visit his website at:

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2 thoughts on “01: The World of Vita and 3DS

  1. Great start to the podcast, very interesting and fun to listen to. I have been at odds and ends as to which device to throw my allegiance behind, the 3DS or the Vita. I go through phases where I’ll play the 3DS to death and pick up old games that I never had a chance to finish but then I’ll go back to the Vita and do the exact same thing?

    Clearly I’m very confused??

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